¿Why invest in Perú?

In Peru, mining investment this year is projected to exceed US$ 5,000 million

4 Reasons why we should invest in mining:

  • Polymetallic country
  • The 36.97% of the Peruvian territory has no restrictions for mining activity and only 1.28% is used for exploration and mining exploitation.
  • Peru is one of the few countries in the world with deposits of non-metallic minerals, including diatomite, bentonite, limestone and phosphates.
  • In the world: 2nd producer of copper and zinc, 3° of silver and molybdenum, 4° of mercury and molybdenum, 5° of diatomite and zinc; and 6th gold. In Latin America: 1st producer of gold, zinc and lead; and 2° copper, silver, mercury, diatomite, phosphate rock and molybdenum.