We offer investment products that meet the profitability needs of our clients

Savile Peru is a strategic ally for companies through financial solutions tailored to their needs, contributing to their development and economic growth.


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We offer the best rates for mutual contracts

Our contracts are characterized by adapting to the needs of our investors
We offer:
- Mutual: from 12 months.
- Interest payment, last day of each month, 24 hours for account deposit.
- Investment rates above the market.
- Consignment of beneficiary.
- Reinvestment option.
- Total return of the guaranteed capital, without additional charges, at the end of the contract.

We work with Trendix Mining SRL

A pioneer mining company in lithium, with more than 20 years of experience
Trendix Mining SRL, is focused on the discovery of areas with great extractive potential within the Argentine territory.
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At the forefront of the mining sector by Canova Asociados

We are at the forefront of what the future will be in the mining sector worldwide, in the same way generated in Peru with copper
We believe that we must bet on following a formula that has been successful throughout our history and that is seen as a channel of safe and strong profits for our investments.
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Mision and Vision


Our mission is to provide a reliable and exclusive service to each client, as well as to generate maximum security and optimal management of their surpluses.


Position ourselves in the national and international market, as one of the best private investment and financial impulse entities.

Our History

In 2011, the American firm SAVILE FINANCE GROUP landed in the country, and it was in January 2013 that SAVILE PERÚ SAC was born, with its own legal status, consolidating our entry into the local capital and investment market.

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How do our operations work?

We have two investment options:

We are a company that offers other types of financial intermediation. We offer financial products such as:

  • Business Leverage: We lend money to companies for working capital, factoring, confirming, bill discount, etc.
  • Investment Opportunity: We offer to make your assets profitable in financial products, for this we have the option of Mutual Contract (direct loan to Savile Peru) or by Participation (being a Participant in our private Investment Funds).

We are responsible

At Savile we firmly believe that our commitment is not only to offer the best service and profitability to our investors, but also to offer help to those who need it most.

For this reason, we inform our clients that their investment is not only generating extraordinary benefits, but also part of that benefit is directed to sectors with limited resources and great need.

We currently actively support two non-profit organizations:

Common solidarity pot: Located in the district of San Juan de Lurigancho, in Lima. Through this organization we can help provide food to a number of needy people in the district.

Estrella de Sauce Association: This association provides school support to boys and girls from the town of Sauce, located in the city of Tarapoto. Through them we can support with school materials, clothing and what is needed for their students.

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