Peru within the top 5 in the world

Despite the political crisis that has been affecting the investment climate in the country, Peru ratified its leadership as an important player in the mining industry by ranking among the five largest producers of base and precious metals in the world in 2021.

Among the countries that make up this top five are also China (1st place), with a market share of 12.4%; Chile (2nd place), with 10.4%; Russia (3rd place), with 7.3%, Peru (4th place), with 7%; and Australia (5th place), with 6.9%. This positioning does not consider the production of iron, with which our country would occupy the 7th position worldwide.

“This industry represents about US $ 530 billion globally, where Peru has a market share of 7%,” said Rodrigo Prialé, general manager of Gerens, who participated as a panelist in the recent virtual day of Mining Thursday, organized by the Institute of Mining Engineers of Peru (IIMP)