Lithium in Argentina

The demand for lithium is growing by leaps and bounds worldwide. Above all, for its increasing use in modern battery technologies and electronic vehicles.

Argentina is currently the country with the largest number of lithium exploitation projects underway. It has 10 projects under development, in different stages of progress, with a projection by the end of 2022 of 60,000 tons of lithium carbonate destined for the foreign market. In addition, there are 35 projects in stages of feasibility, pre-feasibility, preliminary economic evaluation and advanced exploration, whose entry into construction and production, even partial, would generate an exponential economic impact on production, exports and employment.

In this way, Argentina is facing a historic opportunity to position itself as a key actor in the supply chain of a strategic resource for the XXI Century. Unlike other countries, Argentina not only extracts, but also processes lithium; It exports carbonate, chloride and there are plans to produce hydroxide in the future. The country could progressively increase its production to 262,000 tons per year in 2025