We are authorized by the SBS

We are pleased to share with you that we are already participants in the SBS.

Officially, Savile has a relationship with the SBS because it is this entity that authorizes companies to carry out Factoring and Financial Leasing operations not included in the scope of the General Law.

We have 2 very important authorizations:

  • The SBS has authorized us to carry out Factoring operations (invoice discount with or without guarantee). Authorization number 0046523. See more here.
  • The SBS has authorized us to carry out leasing operations (with or without a purchase option). Authorization number 00029822. See more here.

By having these two authorizations, Savile has access to Cavali, which is the institution that manages all companies that offer products in the stock market. Here Savile has access as an Indirect Participant. Accounting Record of parent account No. 894

With this authorization, Savile can carry out the following operations in Cavali:

  • Factoring
  • Promissory notes
  • Negotiable bills

Likewise, Savile must comply with sending Semiannual information on the Financial Statements and Quarterly information on the Factoring and Leasing operations.