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About Savile

Savile Peru is a boutique investment fund, aimed at the mining sector, with more than 10 years of experience.

We take care of promoting the flow of money (leverage) to small and medium-sized mining companies for the execution of projects, achieving high profit margins to offer our clients the best rates in the market.

Savile Peru finances the investment balance of the first stage of mining works.

+ 10 years dedicated to promoting mining projects, generating excellent returns for our investors

Pillars of the Company

Our investment company is committed to providing them with exclusive treatment and higher profitability than conventional savings.

We know the responsibility we have towards our investors, and for this reason, in addition to offering profitability, we prioritize trust with our clients, guaranteeing them security and excellent service.


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We offer a personalized and exclusive treatment with our investors


Our contracts are drawn up by the Estudio Canova & Asociados, specialized in the legal and financial field.

Mining Investment

In Peru, mining contributes 14% of the national GDP, offering 63,217 direct jobs and 122,769 indirect ones. In this line, foreign currency from mining has represented an average of 60% of Peru's exports during the last 10 years.

Future Vision

The massive adoption of EVs (electric vehicles) in the world responds to zero emission policies by 2050, therefore, the demand for lithium could be multiplied by 40 by the year 2040. Becoming one of the minerals with the highest demand and value .



A private investment fund, are collective investment vehicles, where individuals or legal entities make monetary contributions to obtain a larger amount and be able to invest it in financial projects or in a specific project. The investment responsibility falls on a management company, they define the strategy and investment of the fund.

The closing of operations is carried out on the last business day of each month, with which the agreed return will be credited to the account reported by the investor on the first following business day.

We bring together a team of investment professionals and specialists with extensive experience in the field. We take care of financing all activities related to the mining stage.

We have a customer service area, where our operators will be available to advise you on whatever you require and answer any questions.

We send each investor via email detailed information on the progress of their investment, what it is generating, monthly.

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